Frieze London 2013

I had mixed thoughts on the Frieze Art Fair, and originally had not planned on going, as dishing out 50 pounds for a fair just seemed a bit much. Considering the profit they are making anyway, it is a bit of an outrage to expect the general public to pay this kind of money. On top of this I have come down with a lovely flu which has left me coughing my lungs out and feeling generally unwell.

But my gorgeous friend Shilpika had some free tickets and as I had not seen her in ages, it seemed like an opportunity which should not be missed. It was lovely to catch up and have a good girly chat, and in the end, the art wasn’t too shabby either.

The truth is, Frieze is a bit of a meat market for art, it is VERY commercial. I felt slightly uncomfortable at times and tried to retain a critical view. I do believe that art should be commercially valued and that artists should be able to make a living from what they do. The only problem is that true art should not be made for the sake of making a buck. It should be about the creative process, a statement, the creation of something new, the expression of something deeper, a reflection of society etc.  And of course there should be ways of being able to market this and more importantly, for me personally, the art should be viewed, appreciated and critiqued by the general public.

Personally my main issue with Frieze, is the elitism that goes along with it. It isn’t about the amount of money being spent on art. It is about the fact that art is being dealt as a pure commodity and item for the super wealthy. If the fair was more accessible (cheaper entry prices for starters) I think I would agree with it much more than I do now.

On the other hand, I would like to say that I did see some wonderful art by some very talented artists. I also enjoyed the more international aspect of the fair. Being able to see art from some of the best galleries ranging from New York to Berlin all in one day was a wonderful experience. By far my favorite discovery where two Viennese galleries which I had not known about. I am always excited about going back to Vienna but knowing of these two galleries gives me a new discovery to make when I go back home.

I’ll end my ramblings for today on that positive note and attach some pictures from my day of adventures:


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