Fuerza Bruta 2014 review

When you find yourself two weeks into a new year it’s probably best to skip over the recap of 2013 and just get on with life. So here goes another year. May it be fabulous, full of adventures and experiences.

This week I  went to see the show Fuerza Bruta at the Roundhouse in Camden. Translated from Spanish, fuerza bruta means brute force – and it’s a fitting name for this theatrical performace. From the first song onwards its all drums and rhythm and lots of screaming. It is an electric start to something, but I cannot tell you exactly what that something is. The show describes itself as post modern and it really is a bit of this, a bit of that. There is a man running on a treadmill going nowhere (spoiler alert: he gets shot more than once, but gets back up again… phew), women running on walls, water-nymphs with lovely fit bums in a kind of underwater floating fantasy, a guy that looks like Mozart on turntables turning everything into a early 2000 style rave.  If you are expecting an acrobatic extravaganza a la Cirque Du Soleil however, you will be disappointed. The artists are extremely energetic and loud, they move around plenty but this is all loud barbaric surreal modern dance, not sophisticated circus dream land.

Overall, I had lots of fun and enjoyed dancing in the rain and I thought it was fabulously crazy. I think for me it just failed in the sense that it all felt a bit confused and I couldn’t quite place my finger on what the point of it all was. But who knows, that might have been their intention.

You know what though? I am most definitely looking forward to a nice civilized and epic visit to Cirque Du Soleil sometime soon. Does that make me an old boring stiff lady or what?


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